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Gallantoro Wooden Keepsake Box

$ 279.00

Handmade,  Australian Made, Timber Keepsake Jewellery and Knick Knack Box

The Gallantoro Keepsake Box is an exemplary example of fine Australian craftsmanship, designed and built (by hand) to be a legacy item, one that you will hand down from one generation to the next. Quite literally, made to last many lifetimes.
You don't really own the Gallantoro Keepsake Box, you're just its caretaker until you hand it down for someone else to use.

This box is perfect for housing all your bits and pieces such as foreign currency, old photos, watches, your passport, etc... A perfect gift for the person who appreciates fine work.  

  • Brass Plated Hinges
  • Black Velvet Lining
  • Hard Wax Oil for protection
  • Made from Australian Hardwood Jarrah with an inlay of Silky Oak
  • 5-10 Hours Build Time
  • 1kg Weight