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Maxx & Unicorn Co.

Maxx & Unicorn Co. is dedicated to designing artful products intended for everyday use and crafted with pride in the USA. Our designs are often inspired by practicality and defined by the nature of our domestically sourced materials and the process of local manufacturing that is essential to the brand.

We started our business back in 2007 with a single wallet design.  Though it has evolved over the years, our original stitch-less bi-fold wallet is still made the same way it has always been.  It starts with a single pattern piece of leather engineered with a simple fold and tab construction and is assembled by hand in our Pennsylvania workshop.  All of the leather goods in our folded collection follow this same design principle.

Over the years we have successfully paired our wallets with thousands of satisfied customers who appreciate our design approach, aesthetic and the quality of our products.

We also have partnered with our friends in Australia at Gallantoro, and both the M&U Co., Made in USA  & Gallantoro brands and product offering has grown organically through the influences of creative and like-minded people who have shared with us their thoughts and ideas for simple, well-crafted items designed for everyday use.  We hope that you enjoy the product of this ongoing collaboration and thank you for your contribution to our growing business.